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UnumProvident gives Best Presentation Award to BT for their work in the UPCentral Rollout Presentation

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UnumProvident Gives BT Award
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Friday, March 21, 2003

UnumProvident was about to release a new portal to replace their corporate intranet portal. They commissioned BT to create a comical video to introduce UPCentral and to detail its features. The purpose of the video was to give pre-training familiarity of the new intranet portal to UnumProvident employees nationwide. Screenshots and walkthroughs of routine tasks abounded, so BT used a little humor in the presentation to create an entertaining and memorable experience.

BT incorporated 3D animation, and inserted video shorts including employee interviews and 50's and 60's commercial clips. Flash MX animation was used for product demo illustration and QuickTime compression was employed to maintain the best image quality possible. Creative voice over techniques in Flash MX repurposed a 1950's character animation as the host of the show.

An award for Best Presentation was given to BT for their work on the UPCentral Rollout Video. The video was shown internally to all UnumProvident employees nationwide laying the groundwork for the new UPCentral Portal release the following week.

A few comments about the video:

I give UPCentral 5 stars!! and I nominate Dee for a Golden Globe. ... you and your team are brilliant and operate with style and humor..... us HR geeks will have to live vicariously through you. Thanks for the laugh today - I really needed it."
- Sue Masterson

"First, I just returned from Portal introduction. ... it was one of the most entertaining, best presentations I’ve ever seen introducing something like this. Not sure who all was involved in putting the movie together, but if the Portal itself is half as good then we really have something. "
- Mike Jenkins

"Innovative, Intense and Appealing! It brought a tear to my eye and kept me on the edge of my seat. I was so enthralled, I forgotto eat my popcorn!"
- Sharmelle Thomas

"I thought it was great. I came back to HR and told everyone about it. I also saw someone from the law department asking about it and I told them they needed to go to the meeting."
- Sherry Shipley

“I can’t wait for the sequel!”
- Richard White

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