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KINGDOM at HAND is coming!   BT Feature Stories

The KINGDOM at HAND project is due to be completed early summer, 2004.


KINGDOM at HAND is Coming!
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Check out the following Ministries that are a part of the Kingdom at Hand Project! $799.00 setup and $30.00/mo.! Fully Dynamic and User Updateable!

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The KINGDOMatHAND project is a constantly evolving ministry of BTINTERMEDIA to churches and parachurch ministries including missions and Church based non-profit organizations. The purpose of the KINGDOMatHAND project is to advance the kingdom of God through intelligent, inexpensive and spirit-led web site development. Our vision is to see that every Church and parachurch ministry has a presence on the Internet and that each of these web sites serves as a doorway to Christian knowledge on the Internet.

Scheduled to be released in early summer, 2004, the KINGDOM at HAND will redefine how the Church views the Internet. The revolutionary concept that defines the KINGDOM at HAND project is the ability of each ministry's content to be accessible by all members on the KINGDOM at HAND network. A visitor to a ministry's site can do a search on a topic and choose to include results from that churches affiliation or from all ministries on the network. This creates an interconnected community where every ministry's site becomes a doorway to Christian knowledge.

KINGDOMatHAND tools allow you to:
• Easily create content for your ministry’s web site
• Share your information and resources (articles, audio, video, books)   across the KINGDOMatHAND network.
• Access all the resources and information from the sites on the   KINGDOMatHAND network through your web site.

KINGDOM at HAND sites are now being developed and employed prior to the release of the project this winter. The total cost of development for a site with the features that KINGDOM at HAND offers would be valued at well over $15,000. However, since this project is a ministry of BTINTERMEDIA, the cost has been significantly reduced. Pre-release development is currently selling at $799 upfront with a $39.99 monthly hosting contract. Call now (423.624.4321) to see how you can be a part of this revolutionary project.

Curious - about taking our church website to the next level? Read Using the Web to Deepen Relational Connection By Jeff Anderle - an article by Pastor Jeff Anderle, Vineyard Christian Fellowship, a founding church partner in the K@H Project.

Call now at 423-624-4321 to see how you can be a part of the KINGDOMatHAND network of ministries.

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