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In the competitive world of creative design you have to stand out from the crowd. BT uses the latest in technology to develop internet and intranet applications, dynamic and static web sites, flash applications, as well as print and video media. We are experienced in developing for any size company or organization.


BT creates tailored corporate branding, as well as print and video advertising media.

BT has powerful solutions in online presence through web site design.

BT is the expert in flash development. Many claim to do FLASH, but few do it well. BT has the portfolio to prove it.

BT provides complete dynamic solutions for your company, organization or ministry allowing you to update your content when you want from any browser in the world.

BT provides complete e-commerce solutions.

BT offers professional photography that can be purchased online through

BT provides extensive hosting solutions.

A Few of Our Clients

City of Chattanooga
Chattanooga Downtown Partnership
Association of Legal Adminisatrators
Trin-i-tee 57
Sunset Mountain Roasters
Destiny Ministries
Central Baptist Church of Hixson
Olivet Baptist Church
Berry Music Factory
Mortgage South
Johnson Waterhouse
Hefferlin & Kronenberg, Architects
James Ward

A Few of Our Services

flash/XML, ASP, JSP, CF, or Java integration
e-learning cd-roms
intranet/internet training kiosks
interactive orientation applications
database driven enrollment applications
online reference tools
dynamic FLASH content
online safety training
digital safety, policy and procedure manuals
graphic design
corporate identity branding
package design
audio/video sleeves
HTML formatted email marketing campaigns
custom marketing tools and applications
digital presentations (flash/director/video)
curiosity marketing products
screen savers
3-D product imaging
interactive corporate training applications
web based audio/video broadcasting
email marketing campaigns
telephony messaging systems
dedicated or shared hosting
(MAC, UNIX, NT, and 2000)


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Rich Internet Applications have a wide range of application.

KINGDOM at HAND is Coming!
UnumProvident Gives BT Award
Chattanooga Resource Foundation Chooses BT
Flash Player Distribution Reaches 97%
Many tradtional companies are now turning to online training to cut costs. Training via the Internet or over an intranet has been proven to be an option which can generate greater knowledge retention on the part of students. This is mainly because the learning is paced with the student. If something is not understood, the student can go over the information in question as many times or as often as may be needed to understand the content properly. Audio/Visual demonstration is also important in the learning process. The more senses that are used in the learning process, the more information is retained. Online training provides an excellent source of training that would only be possible one-on-one otherwise.

Customized Sales Aplications:
Most businesses have a thousand ideas on how to bring their product to the people. Marketing and sales can utilize internet applications to bring their ideas to life. Taking the content directly to the prospective client, impressive life can be given to a presentation. A sales agent can keep a direct link to the most recent information, statistics, and have the ability to directly interact with the company’s databases in real time. To finish the sale, the agent can make the transaction online and the company’s databases are automatically updated. Alternatively, the customer could complete the transaction online themselves. Many businesses are finding online presentation a very effective tool.

Real World Business Applications:
It is a fact of life that most businesses work with archaic and very complex applications. We can take your existing applications and redevelop them so that they are cutting-edge. Since the technology is run over the internet over a secure connection security is never an issue. Many corporations are currently repurposing current retail applications and services for presentation via the internet because of its wide availability. In many cases this repurposement has meant new revenues of profit.

Let us help your business increase its online effectiveness.

The internet has seen explosive growth over the past six years. Currently, there are more than 4 billion static pages online with more than 400 million users. Almost every industry within our society including business, education and government have been affected immensely by the Internet.

Although the internet has been an excellent source for browsing content, it must be noted that online applications and end user interactive content has been difficult in the least and extremely complex for most.

Bezalel Technologies has the solution: a new generation of content -rich applications. Our developmental goal is twofold: to deliver more effective user experiences via the browser (we define effective as the ability to retain customers/viewers), and to extend the abilities of the internet to include intuitive, interactive, and more responsive user interfaces that can be deployed on personal computers as well as wireless and other communications devices.

Using already established technologies, such as ASP, JSP, Coldfusion, XML, etc. and combining them with rich content user interfaces with Flash MX technology, we are able to create rich internet applications for the large pool of users including those which are normally turned off to internet applications.

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